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Is your current networking group stale? Are you tired of being the “giver” and not getting any value back out of your peer group? Has travel time and access to a strong network made participation lacking payback?

See if you are a fit for the next level of  CEO peer advisory group where groups are vetted, matched and meet virtually. Learn more

“The most effective of all environments most helpful in developing and maintaining positive thought –habits is that which may be created by a friendly alliance of a group of people who will obligate themselves to assist one another in achieving the object of some definite purpose. This sort of alliance is known as a Master Mind. Through its operation one may associate himself with carefully chosen individuals each of whom brings to the alliance some knowledge, experience, education, plan, or idea suited to his needs in carrying out the object of his definite purpose.

The most successful leaders in all walks of life avail themselves of this made-to order  influence.”

Napoleon Hill in his long hidden manuscript Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success


Are you now, or have you been lonely at the top?

These are the questions we have guided other CEOs to resolve. Would you like us to do this for you?

While researching and talking to dozens of CEOs for a new book, What Now, CEO?, we learned that most CEOs either ARE lonely at the top or WERE lonely. We understand the solutions to conquering the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Many CEOs, who are no longer lonely, belong to CEO peer groups where their issues and challenges are discussed. Even then, having a consistency of conversation with a confidante and a deep dive into company culture and team dynamics creates the next level of confidence, profitability and productivity.

What if YOU had a thought partner on a total access basis? Would you sleep better?

Are you ready to think differently? You make critical decisions every day – make the decision today that can change tomorrow.